Warranty Provisions

Warranty INAX Products

1. For porcelains and accessories:

a. Warranty:
"All products manufactured by INAX are warranted for free during the warranty period with all technical faults from the manufacturer, the warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase (or sales invoice)."
"The products must be installed and used in accordance
with the instructions in The technical installation manual."
The warranty period for each type of product:
Porcelain bowl body: Lifetime Warranty
Porcelain accessory (toilet seat, water tank accessory): 01 year
Shower toilet: 01 year 01

b. Cases not covered by warranty:
"Damage or loss due to improper transportation, improper use, misuse, improper maintenance of the product; if the product has been disassembled and replaced with accessories or parts not manufactured by INAX, including damage caused by the agent, the salesman, installers, or any other person."
“Damage or loss due to friction that reduces the shine, scratching, staining due to long use, due to cleaning operations or due to improper water and environmental conditions.”
Perishable and frequently replaced parts such as rubber gaskets, racks.
"Damage and loss are not within the scope of liability stated or the
time of purchase exceeds the warranty period."
”Damage or loss not covered by INAX production.”
"Commercial buildings will be covered by a separate purchase
agreement under a contract."