S LINE Accessories Receive Award at the 2022 Good Design Awards

31 October 2022

INAX has received awards for six products at the 2022 Good Design Awards hosted by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Among the six winning products were the S LINE Accessories for the global market, as well as the shower toilets and automatic faucets for the Japanese market.



Bathroom Accessory [S LINE Accessories]:

This cohesive eleven-item accessories collection is aimed toward helping users achieve an enhanced bathroom design in Southeast Asia, where bathroom storage may not always be substantial. It embraces a consistent design philosophy that follows the visual language of existing series and the brand and matches product dimensions to tile modules, making it easy to apply your own designs to a space. Additionally, it allows for beautiful, harmonious layouts while providing plenty of added functionality. One can also glean from the well-made quality of each of the items that they are the result of careful local communication and collaboration.

Brand No. Category Product Name
1 Bathroom Accessory S LINE Accessories
2 Washbasin Round deck bowl
3 Automatic Faucet AUTOMAGE GX
4 Basin mixer e-modern
5 Shower integrated toilet seat Shower Toilet KA Series, KB Series, RA Series [CW-KA32 etc.]
6 Automatic urinal flush system Autoflush-U

※For details of the awarded products and evaluation comments, please visit https://www.g-mark.org/award/.

About the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation movement in Japan, originating from the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. Over the past 65 years, the Good Design Awards have been developed as a movement to improve Japanese industry and lifestyle culture through design, and the total number of awards has reached more than 50,000. Today, the Good Design Award is a global design award with the participation of many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad. The "G Mark," the symbol of the Good Design Award, is widely known as a symbol of outstanding design.


Good Design Award website: https://www.g-mark.org/