In Japan, skillfully utilizing limited space and creating a beautiful world within has become a coveted art. The S600 LINE by INAX presents the ultimate combination of traditional Japanese design with modern sensibilities and innovation.

Through intelligently arranged products that look like pieces of art, subtly embedded with the spirit of Japanese hospitality, the bathroom space arranged with S600 LINE products helps bring about a deeper level of relaxation and vitality. Enjoy a tranquil moment in the luxurious comfort of your S600 LINE bathroom, and rejuvenate every day with the Japanese rituals of water.

How would adopting the concept of light and shadows change the bathroom? The Japanese brand INAX has taken on the challenge of creating such an evolutionary environment.

The “bathroom of shadows” is dark but in a pleasant way. With a beautiful pale light generated by combining natural light and illumination, it is full of atmospheric shades formed by carefully designed and positioned tiles and products. Shutting out the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the serenity of the overall space brings about a deep level of relaxation suited for the day's end, to nurture vitality for tomorrow.

The "bathroom of light" refreshes one’s mind as though the brightness washes away their troubles. The light falling on tiles and products forms a gradation of shadows with a rhythmical effect, filling the entire space with delicate illumination while emphasizing the brilliance of the sun. Bathrooms are no longer spaces of limited importance where people spend minimum time. They are taking center stage, offering cleanliness and comfort, transforming everyday life.

design values

The S600 LINE has been developed based on the INAX Brand Design Values. Essence pursues the essential values of the product. Sophistication ensures functionality as well as attractiveness when integrated with architecture.

And thoughtfulness enables a considered design that reflects the Japanese sensibility of being caring to others. Through these three perspectives, INAX offers a design value which is uniquely different from typical designs.


Using Japanese ideas and technologies to maximize limited space, INAX generates spaciousness by giving the function of a shelf to the products.


The S600 LINE pursues the sense of cleanliness rooted in Japanese culture and the ease of cleaning. In Japan, there is a strong passion for resolving social issues, and the S600 LINE incorporates universal designs cultivated in Japan that allow for intuitive use of the products regardless of the user’s age or physical characteristics.


Combining the square shape, representing architecture, and the oval shape, representing human beings, the squoval is a design which is easy to use and fits beautifully with architecture.